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Key Information:

Category Premium Branded Sites
Monthly Stats 400+ Million Uniques
Traffic Minimum N/A
Payment Model N/A
Countries Global
Display Promotional Posts, Sponsorships, Custom Sizes
Mobile Adaptive Mobile Units
Video Branded Videos
Targeting Pre-Roll, Branded Videos, Spark Video, Spotlight

Say Media Review

Say Media, founded in 2005 with over 200 employees  owns and operates some of the largest, well-branded digital publications on the net. The Say Media properties include: xoJane, xoVain, Fashionista, Gear Patrol, Gardenista, ReadWrite, LifetimeMoms, Bio and NotImpossibleNow. Say Media is a global company with offices in NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, Montreal, Toronto and London!

A digital media company of the future

Say Media Network Reach:

  • 23.5 Million style watchers
  • 57 Million Digital Influencers
  • 30.7 Million “Artful Dwellers”
  • 400 Million global unique visitors/month

Say Media has smartly invested heavily to develop premium properties that hold loyal some of the most targeted and engaged consumers across a variety of verticals. Say Media. They define their offering best in a few words:

“We Build Digital Magazines, We Provide an Award Winning Publishing Platform Called Tempest, We Partner With Advertisers.

Say Media Advertising

Say Media offers premium advertising experiences for brands beyond a traditional ad network by interconnecting content with brand storytelling through Promotional Posts, Series Sponsorship’s, Channel Sponsorship’s, Gift Guides, Branded Videos, Social Content and other custom solutions.

Other advertising opportunities include Video Pre-Roll, Branded Videos, Spark Video and Spotlight. The largest benefit of working with Say Media as an advertiser is you know that your ad campaign impressions achieve the highest view-ability on visually stunning digital magazines that users follow and trust.

Some of the larger brands that Say Media has taken on as clients are:

  • Braun
  • Cannon
  • Ghirardelli
  • Glidden
  • Siemens
  • HTC One
  • Ford Edge
  • Amstel Light

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