How to Build an Amazon aStore

Build an Amazon aStore – Step by Step Guide

How to Build an aStore

The amazon affiliate program can be a very Powerful monetization tool that adds a new source of revenue for your website or blog. For example if you your website niche is fitness equipment, you can make a branded store and sell amazon products, earning commission every time a user is redirected to amazon from your aStore or product listing, Amazon tracks the clicks, conversions and commission which gives you actionable insights about your product placement.

 Step 1 – Add an aStore

First sign up for the Amazon Associates Affiliate Program, click on add an aStore and choose a tracking ID. If you do not currently have any tracking ID’s with Amazon you can simply create one from this menu.
Amazon aStore Step 1

Once you have completed the first step and created the bones of your aStore, you may noticed there are 5 main links you can click on: Category pages, Color and design, Sidebar widgets, Get link and aStore widget.

aStore Options

Step 2 – aStore Category Pages

Set up the categories you want in your aStore. You have full control over exactly which products to add. Create a category name and decide whether you want to add individual products, an assortment from an Amazon category, or products from a Listamania! List. Use the up/down arrows to adjust the order of each category and the curved arrows to create sub categories.

aStore Category Page

Step 3 – Color and Design

Take full control over your aStore design. Choose pre-made templates, community submissions or edit the CSS of your store to get the perfect look and feel.

aStore Color and Design

Step 4 – Sidebar Widgets

Add increased engagement, recommended products and greater variety of your store with sidebar widgets.

aStore Sidebar Widgets

Step 5 – Get Link

Generate a link, iFrame embed code or frameset to put your store on any webpage.

aStore Link