5 Most Annoying TV Commercials of 2014

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2014 is coming to a close finally. Let’s face it, you were exposed to a tremendous amount of advertising this year. Let’s have a toast to the most annoying TV commercials that we will never get out of your impressionable minds.

1. Cellino and Barnes

Have to give Cellino and Barnes a round of applause for doing the ice bucket challenge. Not sure if this is a good or bad thing, but whenever the commercial airs I always sing along!

“Cellino and Barnes Injury Attorneys 800-888-8888”

2. Kars4Kids

Another jingle that never exits your brain. I am a little sketched out by Kars 4 Kids for two reasons:

  1.  They still are using children plus that unforgivable jingle to brainwash your mind on TV, Internet and Radio.
  2. They been scrutinized for questionable financials and disclosures in the past. Kars4Kids lost over $5 million in 2010 in failed real estate investments. Real estate is generally a very high risk investment for a Charity.

The jingle is stuck in my mind eternally.

3. The Grand Prospect Hall


It’s almost hard to believe that this annoying commercial for the Grand Prospect Hall is still airing in 2014. Probably didn’t cost them a pretty penny to create about a decade ago and who knows, they may be making a fortune!

We make your dreams come true call (718) 788 0777

4. Peyton Manning Nationwide


As much as I respect Peyton for his legendary football abilities, after hearing this commercial 100 times I have had enough! Sadly enough, the whole commercial is ingrained into memory:

hmhmhmhmhmhmhm, 50 omaha set hut, loosing feeling in my toes, nothing beats that new car smell, chicken parm you taste so good, hmhmhmhmhmhmhm.

Not sure what any of this has to do with Insurance besides being plain annoying!

 5. Billy Fucillo (Compilation)

If your from Upstate New York, you know the man Billy Fucillo and his HUGEEEE car deals. Famous for interrupting his employees during commercials, and probably is intoxicated while filming, we dedicate this post you, Billy. Here’s to another year of creative genius.