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Bad mobile creatives plague the ecosystem.

Publishers today are often confused and misled on what kind of ad units and networks to work with on their mobile devices. For a long time a banner with a tiny “x” out button with a variety of designs was the bread and butter of mobile ad inventory. This kind of unit leads to a large percentage of unwanted engagement and a decrease in return on investment for advertisers.

Mobile is a frontier of digital advertising that has not matured to the level of display advertising just quite yet. There are other variables that have shaped the development such as geographic location targeting, device operating system differences, smaller sizes to convey a message and in general most publishers have a larger % of their impressions spawning from desktop.

Yieldmo – A Content Ad Comoany

Yieldmo is solving the problem in ad-tech of plain bad mobile ads. Yieldmo has the a philosophy that advertisements on mobile devices should look and work great. This company innovates on design and data to create new and engaging ad while relentlessly optimizing and and delivering outstanding results.

In an article published on AdExchanger, key members of Yieldmo were interviewed:

Eric Simon, EVP and GM of operations: “The mobile industry is powered by the banner – and we’re totally against that. We build beautiful mobile ad units. That’s the vehicle that we’re using for monetization.”

Mike Yavonditte, CEO “We’re what would happen if a deeply technical company joined together with the Disney Imagineering team. We don’t buy ads on an exchange and we don’t use third-party data.

What’s the secret sauce?

Yieldmo is able to achieve the highest levels of success by analyzing and heavily optimizing placement level data rather than solely focusing on domains. This granular  approach creates mobile ad placements that effectively engage users and provide top tier inventory to advertisers. This is the formula for high CPM’s and low levels of compaints from users. Yieldmo’s developed it’s ad masterpieces in it’s  ad-format lab,led by  by ex-Ideo designer and engineer David Goligorsky.

We applaud Yieldmo for taking ad format to the next level! Check them out today: www.yieldmo.com