Favorite Direct TV Rob Lowe Commercial

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Direct TV got 3 actors for the price of one by hiring Rob Lowe to spearhead their brand awareness campaign. It’s definitely hard for me to choose which one is the greatest so lets watch them all!

Meathead Rob Lowe


The newest and arguably best Rob Lowe commercial. Meathead Rob Lowe!

Painfully Awkward RobLowe


Must have been a lot of laughs for the team who shot this commercial. Painfully Awkward Rob Lowe is a painfully accurate depiction of that one introverted guy that everyone has in their life. Hard to get out of your head once you have seen the commercial a few times.

Favorite quote:  I hope it’s not a girl…..or a guy..

Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe


Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe retains his unforgettable personality in this installment as a prehistoric man. While super hairiness may not be Rob’s best look, we still love him.

Favorite quote: I have arm-hair curtains… and I don’t like that.i

Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe


As of recently I have to say Scrawny Arms Robe Lowe is by far my favorite Rob Lowe commercial… Why is that? I’m not sure if I can put my finger on it but he just plays the part so well! I think it might be the way he says Mayonnaise

Favorite quote: looks like i’m not having any mayonnaise

In the end, Rob Lowe proved that you will become an extreme version of yourself if you have cable, so it’s time to switch to Direct TV!

Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe


At this point it’s clear Rob Lowe has multiple personalities.. I do wonder what the Peterson’s are building though.

What is your favorite Rob Lowe Direct TV commercial? Let us know in the comments below.