Tom Brady DailyMVP Advertisement

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Tom Brady Quarterbacks for DailyMVP

Fantasy sports are being taken to the next level with Tom Brady and the new app DailyMVP, that makes it easy to play your friends in fantasy sports for money and glory. Not a bad Gig for Tom at this point in his life. Download DailyMVP to check it out in the app store. The website states that playing for cash prizes is 100% legal and that payouts are instant. What more could a die hard fantasy sports fan ask for!

Tom Brady dailymvp

TopLine Game Labs, LLC is the creator of DailyMVP has been dubbed one of LA’s hottest new startups from with it’s mantra being Optimization, World-Class design, analytics. The company has a lot to prove with DailyMVP and time will tell how successful they can be in the fantasy market.

Sorry Tom, I have to say that Scrawny arms Rob Lowe gets the W this time.