TextAdBuddy – Easy Custom Text Ads


What is TextAdBuddy?

TextAdBuddy is a simple and effective step by step tool that enables anyone create their own customized text ads for free.

What inspired the creation of TextAdBuddy?
TextAdBuddy was inspired by observing rookie search marketers struggle with creating relevant text ads.

Who are the target users of the product?
Beginning search marketers and advertisers with little or no experience in search marketing who want to create their own ads.

What value does it provide?
It offers a simple way to create text ads without having to worry about character limits or any prior knowledge of paid search marketing

How was TextAdBuddy developed?
The development was guided through iterative testing and feedback from a group of paid search marketers. 

What improvements are planned for the future?

There are many improvements planned for the future which include:

  • Integration with AdWords and Bing Ads
  • Customization of many aspects
  • Option for editing selected ads
  • Option for sharing selected ads by email

Website: https://www.textadbuddy.com
Twitter handle: @textadbuddy