Why you should Register a .nyc domain name

Why Register a .NYC Domain

.NYC the new “.com” property rush

The wild west of website domain acquisition is coming back to the internet on October 3rd. The .nyc top level domain will be open to the public to have their go at securing a vast array of valuable (and lucrative) domain names. New York City will be the second major city in the world (.London came first) to have it’s own top level domain. There are many reasons why you should register a .nyc domain name. Here is why:

.nyc domain name and SEO

Google’s Pigeon algorithm update on July 24th, 2014 increased the effectiveness of local search queries. Having a .nyc domain for your website is a good SEO tactic to cue search engines that your content is tailored for New York City. If your business or website is NYC based, it is key that you get a .nyc domain name.

The .nyc domain name resonates

True New Yorkers have a passionate connection with New York City. Having a .nyc domain name will give instant credibility to a business or website who is using it. This creates a large opportunity to start a new business in NYC or brand an existing business. Once the .nyc domains go live on October 3rd, internet users will have an instant interest when they see a website with dot nyc at the end.

Valuable investment

In the primal age of the internet there was a land rush to get as many good domain names as possible. A domain is like a wine, as they age they gain more valuable. The unique thing about the .nyc domain is that they instantly have value. Think about it, if your the person who owns foods.nyc, your only paying a few bucks a year to keep the domain and you can sell it to a huge company for thousands! You can sell your site on a  website flipping auction service like flippa. People make fortunes every day flipping website domains. Give it a go, there is not a large investment required at all.

Get out, secure some valuable domains up and make money!

.NYC Domain Name

How do you register a .nyc domain? Here are some resources:

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