Panera Bread Breaks into the Breakfast Sandwich Game

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Breakfast is a major meal for fast food destinations

Fast food companies have realized that to maximize profits they need to capture their customers at all times of the day. For the majority, lunch and dinner have been their staple but as of recently the large following of the fast food titans and their creative marketing teams and chefs have deployed campaigns to lure their customers in for breakfast. Panera Bread is the latest to put a new twist on the egg white.

 Panera Bread Makes a Healthy Morning Sandwich

panera sandwich

Panera bread made its move onto breakfast table with the Egg White Power Sandwich. This is marketed as a healthy fuel for the body to help tackle your day. There are many similar sandwiches on the Market but Panera differentiates itself by adding spinach in combination with avocado and tomato to an egg white, a huge fad in America. Panera bread has a history of sourcing high quality ingredients for their products so loyal panera bread customers may just fall in love.

Overall the sandwich is still relatively new to the market and will only bolster Panera’s offering of fresh juices, sandwiches, bagels and smoothies. The trend in the US now is that americans want breakfast sandwiches that are lean, affordable, easy to carry, taste delicious and are perceived as healthy. All of the major players in the industry have adopted and followed this trend.

 The Unhealthier Side of Breakfast – Taco Bell, AM CrunchWrap

Who would have thought you taco bell would ever start serving breakfast to their customers. I mean, how many variations can you make of a taco and incorporate them into breakfast? The AM CrunchWrap was the Frankenstein breakfast sandwich that was born into the breakfast world. Basically it’s a “McDonalds in a Quesadilla”.. Eggs, bacon, cheese and hash browns stuffed into a flat tortilla.

It is being marketed as hip and new and takes a jab at mcdonalds dominance in the breakfast realm.  It has been described as tasty, easy to eat and cheap being under $3. Maybe Taco Bell is on to something? This sandwich appeals to the crowd who purely want a breakfast that is tasty and filling, health is put on the bench here. One important factor to note is the size, it is a lot smaller than the traditional crunchwrap. I’m not sure if I would ever make a trip to taco bell for breakfast but the commercials are still going strong so Taco bell is clearly making a hefty investment into the product.