Yo App Takes Social Media By Storm

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Yo App Is Here to Stay!

Yo App

Sometimes simple social media apps tend to be the most successful. A new App called.. Yo only permits you to send the word “Yo” to a connection. This may be simple but pure genius and peaking the curiosity of the internet. Arbel, a 32 year old App developer from Tel Aviv created this social media phenomenon that reached #1 in the apple store in the US last week. Already a 1.2 million dollar investment has been poured into the emerging social network.

How Can the Yo App be Useful?

Sometimes all you want to do is simply get someones attention and not give away any information over the internet. Here are some scenarios when the yo app could be useful

  • You want a cute girl to look at you in class
  • Your intern is doing nothing but searching FaceBook. Scare them with a Yo
  • Your a parent and want to look cool to your teen so you send them a carefully timed Yo

The possibilities are endless and it has a late 90’s pager type feel to it that could be a very successful fad or a long term communication device. The company can go in a bunch of different directions and major brands will surely invest resources to join the bandwagon. A Brand can potentially Yo you when a service is ready using geo targeting technology. Think about it, you could be walking past a Starbucks and receive a Yo with a coupon attached. The app is in it’s infancy stage and time will tell how it decides to branch out and monetize.

yo app logo

The beauty of the Yo app is that you do not have to think or take any pictures in order to send a Yo out. The notification of sending and receiving a Yo is simply the message itself. The app is all tap based and your email is not required making it very secure and safe, just need a username and password. You can add friends from Twitter facebook, email and SMS, making it very easy for people to connect.