Don Draper of Mad Men Pitches Lebron James on Cavs Again

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Don Draper’s Newest Client, Lebron James?

Thank you BleacherReport for this newly created Gem. The Don is the king of pitching products, ideas and fantasies and in this parody his newest client is the ex-champion of the Miami Heat, Lebron James. The pitch instills a sense of nostalgia to Lebron James about the past success and memories of playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers but I think you are missing one big piece of information for Lebron; how the new team is composed for next year..

Do Your Due Diligence, Don!

The Cleveland Caveliers are going to be stacked with young sustainable talent, a new and respected coach, David Blatt and the #1 overall pick who they will probably use to draft futuresuperstar Jabari Parker. Lebron would be joining a team that is primed to go back into championship contention with Kyrie Irving rising as one of the top scoring and passing point guards in the league and a supporting cast of Dion Waiters, Luol Deng, Jarrett Jack, Anthony Bennett, Tyler Zeller and Veteran Anderson Varejao. The team looks strong and with Lebron joining i’m sure they could add another big name superstar to the roster. In the end of the day it”s not about the contract for Lebron as he has many thriving businesses worldwide. It’s about Lebron joining a team with the best chances of winning multiple titles to solidify himself as the best in NBA history.

Update: Don Draper has succeeded.. Welcome back Lebron!

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