Kickstarter Success Story: Reading Rainbow Digital Fundraiser

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Earlier this week, LeVar Burton decided to give Kickstarter a go and see if he could raise a million dollars to bring back the vintage program started in 1983 and rain until 2006, that encouraged kids to read more, Reading Rainbow. Fast forward one day and the internet had hit the $1 million dollar benchmark. Faith in humanity, restored. What is even more amazing is that by Friday $3 million was raised and there is still over a month left in the campaign. Over 50k people has contributed  to the $3 million and we will know in a month what the final amount raised will be.

LeVar created a Reading Rainbow tablet app that was success and a top downloaded edu app in the iTunes store but wanted to share the content with the world by donating educational materials to all kids. That was the purpose of the campaign and success has been achieved.