Bruce Lee will be a Playable Character in UFC 2014 Video Game

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Bruce will will be making a Legendary comeback as a playable fighter in UFC 2014. Electronic Art’s realized the marketability of Lee and the everlasting impact he has made in the Martial Arts community. UFC has positioned itself to be one of the better combat franchises since its release. This is going to make for some epic fights.. Note sure who I would take in the ring if the championship match came down to Anderson Silva vs. Bruce Lee.

EA officially released an article Why Bruce Lee that explains how appropriate it is to put an iconic figure such as Bruce Lee back into the collective conscious of the world. His life was cut short, and putting his character in UFC 2014 gives Lee a chance to inspire and make his mark on a new generation of martial artists and gamers. It was a daunting task to create a character with Lee’s unique abilities as he is a human being like no other. Lee never had a chance to compete against modern day UFC legends, so deciding how “good” he really is in comparison to fighters today will be up for debate and the gameplay will allow you to make your own decision. He will be able to compete in 4 different weight classes and you have him instantly if you Pre-order the game.