What an Advertisement for NYC would look like

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“Times Square, New York City”


“In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you cant do”

(Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z/ Alicia Keys)

Taking A Bite of the Big Apple

Welcome to the Big Apple: the city that never sleeps–the melting pot of the world. Countless generations stepped      foot into this city with big dreams and little money. New York City has the potential to make the impossible possible and turn dreams into reality. Opportunity is brimming at every street corner and in the hearts and minds of every individual who breathes the air of the city. Most people are overwhelmed by the complexity of the city when they first step foot. The city is divided into a grid. Two main components of the grid are avenues and streets. Avenues run up and down, and streets run side to side.  Don’t feel like walking? Take a taxi. Taxis are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred-and sixty-five days a year. A taxi is too expensive for your taste? Hop on a subway for a few dollars.  While there are modes of transportation around every corner, most New Yorkers prefer to walk to their destination; it’s the NYC way of life.

A typical walk from point A to point B in the city is always an adventure. During a simple walk around the corner during the day, one would notice a hodgepodge of different people from all cultural backgrounds. It is awe inspiring to fathom the fact that people from all over the world commute and live in the city for different reasons. Every person you pass has a different destination within the city. During your walk, if you feel a rumble in the pit of your stomach and realize you are hungry, you have come to the right place. No matter what your taste in food is or the size of your wallet, there is something delicious for everyone in the big apple.  The city is home to some of the fanciest five star restaurants and the world’s best dirty dogs and nut stands located on every street corner.  The smell of hot dogs, roasted nuts with seasonings, and freshly-made, salted pretzels permeates throughout the city air and tempts anyone who passes by.

Times Square is the focal point of New York City and many great events take place here. At night, the whole area is vibrant with light from billboards, advertisements, taxis, and buildings.  The billboards you encounter in Times Square are some of the most intricate advertisements you will see. They are gigantic and are surely a sight you will remember. Just being in Times Square is amazing and makes a person feel a sense of accomplishment.  Not only does Times Square look lively, it is full of life. You may be wondering: what is there to do in Times Square? But you should be asking: what isn’t there to do! If shopping makes you happy, you came to the right place. You can find any item you imaginable in and around Times Square.

If you are looking for a night of entertainment, simply walk down the street and observe drunken citizens making fools of themselves. The bar scene has a great presence on the atmosphere of nightlife, which shows through the actions of the people. During my numerous trips to the New York City, my friends and I witnessed some entertaining situations because of people who consumed a little too much alcohol. Imagine you just had an epic night in NYC: dinner, movie, maybe you even visited Central park for a late night walk. All of a sudden, people you have never seen before greet you. Why are they talking to you? Because they are drunk and the vibe of NYC creates a sense of companionship towards your fellow human beings. The city will make any person, in simple terms, happy. If you are looking for something more classy then aimlessly wandering the streets (don’t get me wrong, it is fun walking around with no intended destination), there are many other options of entertainment such as comedy clubs featuring some of the world’s most renowned comedians.

Being an intellectually motivated person, when I go to the city, I enjoy learning a thing or two about a subject I am unfamiliar with. After all, we grow as individuals by broadening our horizons. The best place to learn in the city is at one of the many museums. My personal favorite is the body museum located on the South Street Seaport.  It is really called Bodies: The Exhibition. This exhibit is quite the sight for any individual. What is it? Take a guess. If you think it is real human bodies and the systems of organs displayed for your view/pleasure/amazement (whatever you may call it), then you are correct. When I first walked in, I knew I was in for an experience I would never forget. The bodies were preserved in such a respectful manner I could feel the life that used to flow through them. Before I knew it, full human bodies with organs, tissue, and bone were in front of me. It just goes to show that the city has the potential to change your views on many subjects if you go to the right place.

New York City is not just a city of commotion and noise. The Big Apple is a living, breathing entity that has created a state of mind for residents, and frequent visitors. Every step taken in NYC is a step towards success, and a greater understanding of what the city is all about. Now I hope you enjoyed your bite of the Big Apple, take some time to digest and if your still hungry I suggest you take as trip to the original Rays Pizza for a slice of the worlds best Pizza. I know I’ll be there. See you shortly!