How to Create a Secret Computer Monitor

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Everyone is concerned with privacy on their computers. Deleting your history, setting passwords, hiding your keyboard all all tactics that reduce the chance that an undesirable individual can access your personal files. If you don’t want your significant other, parent or friends seeing some of the taboo websites you browse on occasion then the solution in the video above is perfect for you. You will be instructed on how make your computer invisible to others and only you will have the power to view what is on the screen: Ultimate privacy achieved. Thaks Brusspup for this one.

Directions to make your computer screen invisible:

  1. Cut edge on all 4 sides of the LCD screen
  2. Remove the polarizing filter by hand (keep peeling until all the pieces are off)
  3. Trace and cut the new polarizing filter into the glasses lenses, remove 3D glasses lenses and replace with the new cutout.
  4. Enjoy your new secret computer monitor that can only be seen with your custom made glasses.

What you need:

Old LCD monitor, 3D glasses, prying tool, hobby knife, polarizing filter, scissors