Data Driven Sport of Tennis

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Tennis Meets Data Analytics

The US Open this year is receiving a technological upgrade to make the event a data driven tennis event. A data and analytic control room in a secret location in Arthur Ashe Stadium in NY is a data center called the “Scoring Operations room.” Officials on the court will have handheld devices that allow them to feed all kinda of data to the center which can be scrubbed and organized quickly for use by announcers and spectators. This system will store historical data as well that can be seen on Some of the stats that are tracked and visualized are double faults, break points, serve speed and other data.

Tennis and Social Media

This new addition to tennis matches is great for any tennis fan and takes spectating to a whole new level. Fans and players alike will be able to understand why they are winning and losing and possible strategies for future matches. the birth of data driven analysis of tennis will be born from this technology. The next step to make this technology visible on a larger scale would be to penetrate the social media landscape and build apps that people enjoy using and integrating with their every day lives. Tennis has always needed a face-lift and if this technology grows, the popularity of tennis as a major sport for everyone will as well.