Patrick Bateman Horn Rimmed Glasses

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There used to be a time when Aviators were the height of individuality, but the fashion industry quickly caught on and they were plastered on every major billboard and were sported by every model on the runway. The same can be said for Wayfarers, Ray-Ban’s most recent attempt to rob people of their individuality. Two years ago, only the hippest and daring people would have boldly framed their eyes with square frames and rhinestones. Now, it seems, as if they were the only glasses made. Enter the Horn-Rimmed Glasses, a classic and beautiful hybrid between Aviators and Wayfarers. Originally made famous by Oliver Peoples, Gregory Peck wore them in his Academy Award Winning Role in To Kill A Mockingbird and Christian Bale wore them in the cult classic, American Psycho. If you don’t already have a pair, get one before they are sold in every tourist shop in NYC. And, tortoise-shell is definitely preferable, but if you can’t stand ’em then go with black.

Sporting a beautiful pair of Oliver Peoples

If you’re lucky enough to have $300 laying around..

If you’re like me and can’t spare that much: