9 Different Ways Companies Can Profit From International Expansion

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9 Ways a Company can Profit from International Expansion?



In this day and age, companies of all sizes are looking to expand their audience into international markets. If your going to pitch to your boss why your company should go global, you may want to speak to the talking points below:

  1. Cost Reduction – Sourcing Materials in Local Economies

  2. Labor- Cheaper labor when companies outsource to companies that pay lower wages

  3. Untapped Markets- Demand for a Product or Service may be larger in other counties

  4. Currency- Companies can sell products in economies with strong currencies

  5. Reduced Regulations- Countries may have loose regulations to increase economic activity which leads to greater revenue and profit

  6. Capital Exchange- Capital can be bought and sold in new markets

  7. Branding- The value of a brand or company can increase through globalization

  8. Supply Chain- Take advantage of local supply chains for lean processes

9 Rapid communication through the internet makes it easy to improve business processes.