Social Media: Essential tool for Marketing

Social media is an essential tool for marketing.  Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other social media networks are on the frontline for companies to communicate their messages to the public. Internet marketers generate groups on Facebook to attract potential or existing customers with similar interests. When posting a Facebook update, marketers need to be rhetorically aware of how the audience will interpret their messages. Statistically, utilizing social websites are successful in marketing campaigns. In a recent marketing survey,88% of marketers claimed they use social media networks with 81% of them reporting that they gained business exposure as a result. As far as experience level, 72% reported being new to social media marketing. (Zeke) This shows that this is a relatively new market with potential for growth. Marketers are most successful when they create pages that generate thousands of “likes,” and followers on Twitter. The benefit to this is the ability to send information instantaneously to a group of devoted fans. There are two main ways for a marketer to bring in a demographic on social media websites. The first is to analyze trends using free web information companies such as (“Alexa Audit Tool” ) Alexa shows in real time the terms users are searching for on the Internet. Internet marketers can then employ search engine optimization (SEO) tactics in their writing to dominate the search engines and write articles that people will want to read.