SmartyAds is a full stack programmatic platform that offers a wide range of products and services for every stage of the traditional direct and RTB ad sales. The company has developed its own digital ecosystem that integrates Demand-Side Platforms (DSP), Ad Networks, DMPs with Supply-Side Platforms (SSP) + Ad Servers to form a genuinely robust digital advertising trading system. The company is investing heavily in innovation, rapidly adopting artificial intelligence technologies and big data analytics into all aspects of its adtech platform. SmartyAds provides a unique portfolio of proprietary solutions such as white label series, header bidding, blockchain futures trading and machine learning algorithms.

SmartyAds is a London-based company with two offices in the USA (New York, Miami), China (Shanghai), and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). SmartyAds provides local and worldwide brands, ad agencies and digital publishers with premium programmatic advertising and yield optimization tools. The company effectively unites all advertising channels – desktop, mobile/tablet and in-app and offers a great variety of ad formats for campaigns such as text/image, banner, native, video, interstitials, and social ads. Smarty supports all pricing models:  CPM, CPA, CPC, and CPI.

SmartyAds Technologies

SmartyAds integrates the latest technology into its existing tools for better performance and maximum KPI for clients. The company uses machine learning to design algorithms that can assess audience segments, control variables and predict outcomes of the campaign, determine optimal bidding strategy and many others. Smarty offers various modules and product extensions, providing clients with custom development solutions that best fit the needs of their businesses. Their solutions are tech-centric and data-driven.

The company guarantees near 100% fill rates for publishers who wish to monetize their premium and remnant inventory and guarantees the highest ROI to advertisers, who are looking for an opportunity to deliver highly targeted brand messages to valuable audiences.

SmartyAds Digital Advertising Products

SmartyAds Ad Exchange was developed to connect digital media sellers and buyers at a single touchpoint and provide a liquid marketplace with massive pools of advertising supply and demand. SmartyAds busy Ad Exchange processes up to 250,000 requests per second and brings together more than 5,500 unique advertisers with thousands of ongoing campaigns and more than 3,000 verified publishers with high-quality ad placements. Ad Exchange is fully transparent and secure, with every impression verified by the additional layer of protection. SmartyAds offers White Label Ad Exchange is an industry-first customizable digital marketplace that allows launching fully branded advertising campaigns and creating your own branded programmatic network.

SmartyAds Demand-Side Platform is a holistic platform for advertisers, brands and ad agencies. From a single interface, buyers can easily manage multiple ad campaigns across all exchanges, optimizing them in real time. DSP is connected with Data Management Platform that aggregates third-party audience data, analyzes it and draws insights that are then used for decision-making and targeting. The company deployed advanced big data analytic tools into the DSP framework, so users could receive detailed granular reports and statistics. The DSP SmartyAds offers self-serve and managed DSP as well as White Label DSP.

SmartyAds Supply-Side Platform is a fully-integrated platform for digital publishers, website owners, and app developers. The platform allows organizing advertising space, adding ad units and choosing the best-fitting inventory type for native audiences. SmartyAds SSP is the yield optimization platform that contains in-built algorithms that choose the best revenue strategy and sales tactics to generate the highest possible income. Publishers can choose ways to sell inventory: direct deals, private marketplaces or RTB auctions. Through an interface, users can manage revenue streams, customize ad space and create contact lists. SmartyAds SDK for iOS and Android is developer-friendly, easy-to-integrate, lightweight solution for app monetization. White label SSP is also available.

SmartyAds is a full-stack global company that operates in North American, European and Asian markets, offering exclusive, tailor-made solutions for programmatic advertising partners. The company regularly updates its advertising stack and launches new products to stay up to day on new industry trends.