Puff Network Review

What is Puff Network?

Puff Network is a top leading ad network focused in the thriving cannabis industry. Their single mission is to help expose cannabis brands to the cannabis community. Through Puff Network, companies will gain access to the cannabis audience while the cannabis audience will have access to brands that add value to their lives.

How it helps Advertisers

Advertising is hard in today’s day and age, especially cannabis advertising. Google and Facebook do not allow cannabis companies to advertise. As such, regular strategies and tactics are just not a possibility for many cannabis companies. It is getting difficult to navigate the ever-changing restrictions and the varying limitations of rules and regulations we must abide by.

Puff Network makes Cannabis Marketing easy and effective, as it should be. They eliminate the risk, confusion, and stress associated with cannabis advertising by assembling all the best advertising opportunities and avenues within and outside of the industry.

How it helps Publishers

Selling inventory is a vigorous and over complicated process. Most of the time, a large percentage of your inventory goes unsold and you end up making much less than what you could have made.

Puff Network is here to help you regain the lost revenue by automating all of your time-consuming tasks and processes using  their proprietary platform. Focus on doing what you do best, creating valuable content and they’ll do what they do best, make you money!

Working with Puff Network will give you the opportunity to turn your digital asset into a revenue-generating machine.

Supported Ad Formats

Puff Network specializes in Display & Native Advertising. Working with IAB standard dimensions, ads provided by Puff Network will integrate with any website like hand and glove. Below is a list of all supported dimensions.

– 300×250

– 300×600

– 728×90

– 320×50 (Mobile Only)

– Native

The Platform

Overall, an excellent intuitive platform. From the demo, we were able to witness extensive ad control on both the advertiser and publisher side. The platform is capable of generating advanced reports that help: advertisers understand the performance of their ads and publishers understand the performance of their traffic. Something we love about the platform is the ability to execute city targeting. A lot of platforms out there stop at countries. It’s nice to have another platform other than Facebook that goes in depth with targeting especially in such a niche.

In Conclusion

We give our full support to Puff Network. The value that they bring to cannabis advertisers and publishers is immense. Advertising cannabis products is a sensitive topic and Puff Network is definitely helping to start the conversation. They have proved that they are here to shake up the industry and will not stop until they reach the top.

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