PayClick is a very well known premium Native Ads Network servicing publishers and advertisers since 2010. Every month PayClick serves 1.6 billion global impressions, generating around 37 million clicks with an industry leading average CTR of 2.3% – 5% CTR. They have over 120,000 advertisers in 107 countries with ads targeted by audience interest.

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In this case study, PayClick explored the issue of an established webmaster not willing to make dramatic changes to their website to increase profit.

“It all started when a new ad format was introduced on the PayClick platform. Before this the only option was to place square images inside the widget. As the new, rectangular format was made available the PayClick Team decided to run a test on how it will affect publisher’s revenue. The results and the statistics gathered took everyone by surprise. Noone ever thought image size could make such difference and affect both users’ perception and publishers’ revenue significantly.”

Check out the full article to see how PayClick has a proven track record of performance!

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PayClick Key Features

  • Weekly Payments
  • 5 Minutes to Set Up Widget
  • Fast Widget Loading
  • 100% Ad Moderation
  • Native Support Manager
  • Full Statistics
  • Multiple Payment Models
  • Technical Support


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Phone: +6531636582


PayClick Ads Example:

Easy Design Adjusting:

Payclick has a very user friendly UI that enables publishers to seamlessly tweak and optimize their native ad formats.

Pricing and Payment:

Payclick offers partnership opportunities for long tail, medium sized and premium publishers. Any quality publisher looking to for a new revenue stream can easily get started.

All Device Types:

With PayClick you are able to create native ads that are sleek and fit any device. Native advertising is growing rapidly, especially on mobile.