MyAdMarket is an adaptable ad serving platform focused on providing maximum value for Ad Networks, Affiliate managers, Independent advertisers, Publishers and App Developers.

Key Features

  • Cost Per X-Metrics – Advertisers are able to choose to advertise any cost metrics, in any combination.
  • Traffic Quality Index – Built-in traffic audits and quality scores establish trust between all parties.
  • Ad Media Exchange – Connection to third-party ad buyers and ad sellers within one platform.
  • 30 Day Free Trial


Self-Serve Module

A better user experience, multi-lingual interface allowing user customization, reduced manpower costs and comprehensive reporting.

Cross Device Tracking

Tracking flexibility, impression accuracy, mobile tracking, cross device tracking, conversion de-duplication.

Billing and Payments

Tools to manage all billing operations from within the ad serving platform.

Cost Per X-Metrics

Provides different cost metrics for the most optimized campaigns. Buy/sell traffic using cost per impression, cost per view, cost per lead, and more.

Ad Media Exchange

If your network has too many or too few traffic sources, buy or sell extra traffic on the platform.

Traffic Quality Index

Built-in traffic quality score for all traffic sources that is powered by the most advanced traffic fraud detection engine and trained on a massive, real-world data sets from advertisers, affiliates, and Ad Serving.

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