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Primis Review – A Solid Video Discovery Platform for Publishers

Video Discovery Platform Rating 5/5 Stars Summary of Primis Video Discovery Platform Primis is the leading video discovery platform on the internet. They enhance and extend online experiences by working with publishers to help users discover high quality and engaging video content. which is fully customizable, integrates seamlessly and

Playwire Ad Network Review 2021 – Ad Units, Info & More

Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars Playwire is a Top Header Bidding and Video Network Playwire is a revenue amplification platform for publishers specializing in gaming (video game) websites. They are Google Certified Publishing partner and offer a full service header bidding wrapper, Data Management Platform (DMP), Ad Server, Direct

Connatix Review – 2020 Features, Ad Units & Information

Connatix Ad Network Rating 5/5 Stars Connatix Overview – A premium Video Network Connatix has a mission and it is to help publishers grow their business by delivering successful video experiences. This innovate publisher focused video company offers video ad unit’s for publishers to monetize existing or new content