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The SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2021

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What if I say I get a lion share of my traffic from referring sites than that of search engines? It’s still traffic, is it not? According to Google and the SEO Tools Centre Studies, social traffic isn’t the kind of targeted traffic you should be proud of if

Driving Free SEO Traffic to Your Dog Blog

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How to Drive free Search Traffic to your Dog Blog Blogging is extremely hard, especially if you’re in a saturated niche like pets or dogs. It’s definitely not a quick way to get rich because you’ll have to wait for Google to rank your articles and sometimes your articles

5 Simple Tips to Get 1000 Shares on your Next Blog Post

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Get 1,000 Shares on your Next Blog Post: Here’s How to Do It How will you be able to measure your success in blogging? While there are many metrics that can provide you with statistical data to assess the performance of your online content, one of the best would