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Optimalya – The First Native SSP

Author: | Categories: Native No comments What is Optimalya? On a high level, publishers optimize their revenue by opening up their ad placements to various monetization networks. With the rise of native advertising, there is a need for a unified tool where publishers can optimize multiple content reccomendation native partners, where clicks are the most important

PubMatic Review

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PubMatic Review Website Category Supply Side Platform Monthly Stats N/A Traffic Minimum Large Traffic Payment Model N/A Countries Global – data centers around the world to reduce latency Display Standard IAB, Native Mobile Mobile Web and App. IAB Ad Sizes, Full Screen Interstitials Video Vast 2.0 VPAID, API,

The Rubicon Project Overview

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What is The Rubicon Project? Website Category Supply Side Platform Monthly Stats 600+ Million Uniques per month Traffic Minimum Generally High Comscore/Alexa Ranking Payment Model N/A Countries 100% Global Fill Display 160×600, 300×250, 728×90, 300×600 Mobile N/A Video N/A Targeting Algorithmic Rubicon is one of the large players in

Digital Advertising Ecosystem 102

Author: | Categories: Definitions No comments Digital Advertising Ecosystem 102 Mark Dye, one of the co-founders of from Bizo, a platform for measurable and precise B2B marketing solutions gives a spot on representation of the more advanced concepts and major players in the digital advertising ecosystem. As the industry began to mature publishers needed a way

Publisher Sales Vs. Publisher Operations.. What is the Difference?

Programmatic Ad Network Roles: Publisher Sales Vs. Pub Ops If you work at a programmatic ad network on the supply side of the business model you most likely fall under two sub divisions of your work group: publisher sales, or publisher operations. While both roles have some overlap there are

What is Real Time Bidding? (RTB)

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Learn Digital advertising: What is Real Time Bidding? If you breathe and live in the Online Advertising space, you most definitively have heard the term Real Time Bidding or more commonly known as RTB. This is a relatively new technology to even people who consider themselves to be veterans of