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Social Media Manager Checklist

Running a blog or any social channel requires a lot of work, and eye for details and always continued effort to provide value to your users. Staying on top of important initiatives is the key to success and this infographic by Premium IT Solutions is a great resource. See Also:

4 Tips for Automating on Social Media

Social media and automation are scary words for many internet marketers. Do you know the best ways for automating on social media? When done correctly the results can be immense. On the other hand, when social media is automated ineffectively, your customers will notice and move on. Salesforce created

2016 Social Media Image Pixel Sizes Cheat Sheet

If your looking to know what size images are the best for every social media platform, look no further. has you covered with this infographic updated for 2016. See Also: Programmatic: The Top Infographics 30 Effective Social Media Tactics Header Bidding Guide for Dummies Facebook Profile Image 180×180 PX

30 Effective Social Media Tactics

Social Media is immersive and it’s easy to not always implement a solid game plan when trying to reach your end users. Here are 30 time tested and effective social media tactics. What else would you recommend? Infographic Summary Optimize your pages and profiles. Ensure your profile pages use

The Best and Worst times to Post on Social Media

When to post on a specific social network? Not all social networks are created equal. In this day and age content is created, shared, categorized distributed at an exponentially growing pace through differentiated channels. It’s tough to always reach your target audience and generate engagement when posting on social media accounts