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Snapchat Stories vs. Instagram Stories

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories The unveiling of the latest feature of Instagram- Instagram Stories has sparked up a debate, there are groups who highly favor this latest development, and there are others who accused the photo sharing site of blatantly copying the popular feature of a competing social

How Snapchat can Expand your Brand

If you don’t know what Snapchat is, it’s time to get accustomed! Snapchat is an instant video messaging app that you can download on to your smartphone. Increasingly, brands are using the app to reach their target audience while also expanding their market. Snapchat allows business owners and managers

The Best and Worst times to Post on Social Media

When to post on a specific social network? Not all social networks are created equal. In this day and age content is created, shared, categorized distributed at an exponentially growing pace through differentiated channels. It’s tough to always reach your target audience and generate engagement when posting on social media accounts

Snapchat Takes on 50 Million in Series C Equity

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Snapchat: Taking in Investments Snapchat is making moves ever since they decided to decline a 3 billion dollar offer from Facebook. It is reported that Coutue Management invested $50 million in series c equity. This money will be used to “grow Snapchat.” The way I see it is that