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How Publishers Can Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve

How Publishers Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve? Today’s Guest Post is by Automatad Are you a publisher that is staying ahead of the ad tech curve? Ad tech is one of the complex and ever-evolving industries. With myriads of intermediaries, fraudsters, and technically overloaded ecosystem, we can say

Native and Programmatic Advertising Comparison

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Native and Programmatic: Monetizing in Harmony Programmatic and Native are two terms that are hot in the digital advertising conversation. Think of them as cousins; programmatic being the older more experienced and dominant force and Native being the newer technology but rising in popularity and usage throughout the lumascape.

Programmatic Ad Inventory: Impression Waterfall and the CPM Floor Model

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Selling Digital Ad Space in the CPM Floor model: Publishers who work with multiple ad networks often have a solid idea of what their inventory is worth. Knowledge empowers publishers to extract the maximum value out of their ad space in this “programmatic bull market” we are seeing in 2014.

4 Key Features to look for in an Ad Network

Why Work with an Ad Network? Working with the right ad network can be lucrative for you monetize all tiers of your inventory, from first look premium impressions to long tail remnant traffic. While many ad networks utilize similar technology stacks, not all are created equal. It is a