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Top Reasons Publishers Leave an Ad Network

Not all Ad Networks are created equal.. Behind digital ad network’s flashy website, promises of high CPMs, diverse programmatic advertiser demand, low payment threshold, 24/7 support and a slew of product offerings could lie a network that over-promises and under delivers. With so many different companies a publisher can choose to

Tips for Digital Account Managers

Programmatic account managers often at times have as many as 100 accounts with multiple points of contact, ad inventory deals and wide range client expectations and personalities to manage. It can be daunting for one person to manage the day to day tasks of running a programmatic publisher portfolio

Analyzing a Publisher’s Performance Metrics

In online advertising reporting and analysis is a big part of determining weather a campaign is successful or not in both the short and long term. I have used many reporting systems during my career in the online ad space and my favorite by far is Appnexus. It is