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7 Big Things in Programmatic Advertising

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Despite the ad industry is experiencing challenging times due to COVID-19, the previous growth in programmatic advertising brought up a lot of essential questions like regulation, transparency, cookie-less future, and ethics issues in the spotlight. Programmatic is encompassing new digital channels including wearables, interactive TV networks, and even in-car

Tribal Ad Network Review

Tribal Ad Network is a programmatic ad network founded in 2015, located primarily in the USA and also Romania that works with Publishers and advertisers to implement and monetize primarily desktop and mobile advertisements (banners, CPA, PPC). They offer 300+ campaigns, 100% fill rate, 100% system monitoring and NET5

Quick Introduction to Programmatic Advertising

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It’s time for a quick introduction to programmatic advertising. Pop-up ads have become a relic of the past and soon, most other forms of online advertising. A new approach to online marketing, in the form of programmatic advertising, has begun to emerge to meet the demands of consumers. This

5 Important Questions to Ask a New Header Bidding Partner

Going into 2020, header bidding still remains to be the most popular way for publishers to create a fair auction between all of their demand partners. It can be tough for a publisher to create and maintain a fully optimized header bidding stack with a variety of strong demand

t3n opts-in for programmatic email advertising by Passendo

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t3n – the magazine for the digital economy is among the first publishers in Germany pioneering the use of programmatic email advertising for its digital marketing. Copenhagen, 13th March 2019, Passendo, the Danish Adtech firm specialising in solutions for Programmatic Email Advertising (PEA), has begun a technological partnership with

What is Digital Audio Ad Serving? AdTech Definitions

Digital audio ad serving programatically and directly to a user will be a huge trend and area for growth in 2020. Digital audio ads total around 16 billion dollar’s a year as consumers tune in during the gym, their commutes, work, shopping and relaxing with their smart speakers. Audio

It’s Time To Shape Programmatic For Mid-market Publishers

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Guest Post By: Automatad It’s been so long and we’re far from depending on the duopoly to monetize the content. At least for most of the premium publishers, being independent and talking about in-house programmatic strategies is not at all odd. With the help of global ad exchanges and

5 Trends that Will Shape Digital Advertising in 2018

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Simplaex, the The AI-First App Retargeting that allows you to Identify high-value users and re-engage them with personalized content, Deliver the right ads to the right person, at precisely the right moment and overall Boost your lifetime customer value by keeping users on your app longer created a great