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ExoClick Launches New Automatic Variations Optimisation Tool

Barcelona, Spain. August 14, 2019: ExoClick, the innovative ad company, today announced that it has introduced a brand new tool for advertisers: Automatic Variations Optimisation. The tool allows automated control over the traffic sent to a campaign’s different variations. Automatic Variations Optimisation is similar to ExoClick’s landing page optimisation

How Publishers Can Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve

How Publishers Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve? Today’s Guest Post is by Automatad Are you a publisher that is staying ahead of the ad tech curve? Ad tech is one of the complex and ever-evolving industries. With myriads of intermediaries, fraudsters, and technically overloaded ecosystem, we can say

How to Rank for Your YouTube Videos

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How to Rank for Your YouTube Videos (Infographic) An indispensable weapon in the video marketer’s arsenal, optimising your video for search is the new secret to social media success. Read the infographic below to learn more about perfecting the science of video SEO. What is Video SEO? Video Search

Easy to Understand Guide for UTM Tagging

Guide for UTM Tagging for all Your Marketing Campaigns UTM tagging is short for Urchin Tag Management which is simply attached segments of text to the end of a URL for tracking within your analytics programs. Each portion of your marketing campaigns that is being tracked and analyzed should have

GeoEdge Ad Verification

What is GeoEdge? GeoEdge is a premium provider of ad verification and transparency solutions for ‎publishers and ad platforms. GeoEdge guards against non-compliance, malware, inappropriate content, data ‎leakage, ad operational, and performance issues. Ad ops teams use GeoEdge to ensure a clean, safe, and engaging user experience, by automating

What is the Difference Between iFrame and Javascript

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iFrame Vs. Javascript Tags in Digital Advertising Tag management is a category of digital advertising that takes a great deal of time to understand and master. 3rd party ad tags are often used in order to reduce discrepancies, allow ads to load and decrease the time it takes for

How To Calculate Impression Discrepancy

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What is ad impression discrepancy? Impression discrepancy can be a huge problem if you are working with an ad network and sending them large amounts of your digital inventory. impression discrepancy occurs when impressions are lost when you send an ad network impressions for them to fill with advertisements. The

Tips to Maximize Revenue from your Ad Network

How to extract Maximum Value from an Ad Network Working  and communicating with an ad network effectively can produce valuable revenue and help you grow and expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. programmatic ad networks have a large amount of resources and demand partners that can be turned on