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3 Digital Advertising Trends to Jump On

John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility created a short and effective informational video explaining three digital advertising trends you should jump on before you miss the boat. Video Summary Video Ads Video is the fastest growing medium online for people to consume content. People are looking for video because they simply

The Future of Mobile Advertising is Native

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Native Advertising: The Future of Mobile Ads In recent years, mobile marketing has been more popular. It presented businesses with an excellent opportunity to tap the growth of smartphone use all over the globe. It is a promising platform because it is not only cost-effective, but it also has

Mobile Native Advertising Basics for Success

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Mobile Native Advertising is defined as a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience. Thank you PubNative  for the awesome infographic! Summary: Publishers from all application verticals are able to integrate multiple customized ad units as defined by the IAB

The Shift to Native Advertising for Marketers

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Native Advertising Credit:  “In this online advertising model, paid or branded content is displayed alongside other content in similar format, matching both form and function to engage consumers and increase their likelihood of clicking on the ads and sharing them with others. It’s a symbiotic relationship making consumers,

Reaching Millennial Moms Through Native Advertising

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Sharethrough created this timely and comprehensive infographic that shows how millennial moms should be reached through native advertising. Infographic Summary: Millennial moms are a prized target. They are the primary decision makers in their househoulds and they have a massive amount of purchasing power. More than anything, they want

Optimalya – The First Native SSP

Author: | Categories: Native No comments What is Optimalya? On a high level, publishers optimize their revenue by opening up their ad placements to various monetization networks. With the rise of native advertising, there is a need for a unified tool where publishers can optimize multiple content reccomendation native partners, where clicks are the most important Review is one of the first companies that provide content marketing services to online advertisers. They have been part of the industry for almost a decade. Since then, they have created one of the biggest sponsored content networks today. Online marketing is a very competitive industry. Advertisers can spend

Native Network Revcontent Continues to Innovate

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Revcontent, the world’s fastest growing and one of the most trusted native advertising platforms with over 100 billion content recommendations per month continues to pioneer their way through the explosive Wild West of the native advertising ecosystem by making big and strategic moves. Recently, two major announcements were made