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Top Video Monetization Platforms in 2020

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There are many video monetization platforms to choose from. Video is a huge focus for content publishers in 2020 and has always been a tough format to monetize effectively. We have compiled a list of the most widely used video platforms publishers are using to give you ideas as

It’s Time To Shape Programmatic For Mid-market Publishers

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Guest Post By: Automatad It’s been so long and we’re far from depending on the duopoly to monetize the content. At least for most of the premium publishers, being independent and talking about in-house programmatic strategies is not at all odd. With the help of global ad exchanges and

How to Boost your Exposure using Popunders

Guest Post by: PopCash Boost your exposure using popunders ads! As we all now, marketing is the heart of any business these days, so we strongly advise you to use all advertising methods you have access to in order to make yours visible to everyone who has the potential

10 Tips for Managing Monetization (Infographic)

Outsourced Ad Ops (OAO) a well known ad operations company providing managed solutions for publishers compiled a list of great tips for managing monetization efforts effectively. See Also: Header Bidding Guide for Dummies 6 Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Content 8 Productivity Hacks From Linkedin Influencers     Tips