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How to develop a mobile app?

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Mobile apps are the means for a business to communicate with a customer directly. It helps the company present the solution to the customers in the most direct, personal way. It is the new and best way to market one’s business as it will surely reach the consumer and

Why do People Uninstall Apps?

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ITR  created an eye opening infographic explaining why people uninstall apps. There are current 1000’s apps being created and added to app stores every day. How long does a user actually keep an app for and what are their reasons for uninstalling? See Also: State of App Security in 2016

Mobile App Advertising for Beginners

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Mobile App Advertising For Beginners Infographic created and shared a very important infographic showing the basic of mobile app install ads advertising which is very different from standard mobile web ads. Infographic Summary What are mobile app install ads? The main purpose is to get traffic from sources outside

Mobile App Engagement Infographic

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Almost everyone has a smart phone in this day and age and adoption rates continue to increase exponentially. AppLift, a well-known data driven App monetization network created this infographic that shows key trends breaking down app usage for certain behaviors. Infographic Summary News – Morning Commuters Morning commuters more

Mobile App Ad Networks List

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Many mobile app developers find it difficult to monetize their mobile applications due to SDK integration roadblocks and many other factors. Here is a list of the most popular mobile app networks. Let us know your experience with each in the comments and send us an email if we