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How you can get more Responses in Email Marketing

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How You Can Get More Responses in Email Marketing Adopting proper marketing strategies is essential for your business and will lead to more responses in email marketing. They will help get your products or services known, increases sales and give you an edge over your competitors. You should familiarize

Online Marketplace Web Optimization Example

Target market SYRBazaar is an online marketplace similar to Etsy that exclusively features products developed by Syracuse University student and alumni designers. Currently, the website targets college students and SU alumni who look to purchase beautiful and unique items. Persona A would be the Syracuse University student who is

Online Advertising Metrics 101

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What is Online Advertising? Online advertising is a business model that connects advertisers, publishers and internet users based on specific measurable values. The goal of the advertiser is for their advertisement to be targeted to an end user who is most likely to fill out an offer and generate