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Don Draper of Mad Men Pitches Lebron James on Cavs Again

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Don Draper’s Newest Client, Lebron James? Thank you BleacherReport for this newly created Gem. The Don is the king of pitching products, ideas and fantasies and in this parody his newest client is the ex-champion of the Miami Heat, Lebron James. The pitch instills a sense of nostalgia to

Mad Men Season 7: The Final Season Episode 1 Recap

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Mad Men Season 7, Episode 1 is now officially in the books.The episode is called Time Zones and  starts with with a freelancer pitching an “Accutron Watch” advertising campaign to Peggy Olsen, Peggy considers it a home run. The office has the same sense of success and in the previous season and business is

Mad Men Season 7 is Coming.. Here’s a Preview

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Mad Men is coming back to AMC with the season finale debut set for April 13, 2014. Season 6 ended with Don potentially blowing a huge deal with Hershey’s that was about to be closed and the firm asked don to take months off from work. Don’s life has