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What is an Agency Trading Desk?

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Understanding the Lumascape: What is an Agency Trading Desk? The Lumascape and other infographics about programmatic tell the story of a separate, yet united ecosystem of digital advertising. DigitalAdBlog is embarking on a journey to educate the world how each piece fits together in this ever expanding digital universe. Let’s Start

The Mini Ecosystem of a Programmatic Ad Network

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How A Programmatic Ad Network Works: Analysis You may have once asked the question to yourself – how is a programmatic ad network structured The goal of programmatic advertising is to serve a creative to the right user on the right device at the right place at the right time while continually

Top Digital Advertising Videos

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Top Digital Advertising Videos to help you understand the ecosystem. The digital advertising ecosystem if often at time challenging to understand with mere words. Visualizing and piecing together the intricate Lumascape can be daunting without the right knowledge. Have no fear DigitalAdBlog has you covered with these top digital advertising videos. These videos are