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Apple To Mitigate Texting While Walking Epidemic: Transparent Texting

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Texting and walking. It’s a problem that a large percentage of the population faces. Your walking down the street, not looking ahead, glued to your cellular device trying to send a test, look up data on your internet browser or explore your favorite app. You know texting while walking is

Livr App: Breathalyzer Drunk Social Network

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Finally a Social Network for drunken people has been created. The Livr App has created a way for inebriated internet users to access a network of drunken fun. The Livr app has many features, some morally questionable, such as geotagging popular bars where there is high user activity, rewarding users

Items we want: Apple Pure Gold iPhone 5S

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If you really want to go over the top and hold the title of having the most expensive phone among, your family, friends and co workers, shell out a quick $3500 at goldgenie and hope you do not drop your device it in the toilet, loose it at a party,