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4 Ways to Stay Safe While on the Internet

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Almost everyone around the globe is online now in some way or another. It’s important to stay safe while on the internet. We know about all the weird and wonderful stuff that’s available to browse and read about, but there’s also a dark side. You might not know a

Most Desired Industries for Young People to Work in: Digital Advertising

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Want to Make it Big in Advertising? Digital Advertising has become one of the most desired industries for Generation Y to start their careers in. The Industry is young, growing at an exponential rate and is highly lucrative if you work your way up from the bottom. The goal

The Heartbleed Bug: Your Internet Passwords At Risk

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According to Codenomican an American digital security company based in Saratoga, California, and a few security engineers at Google, the passwords you use on a daily basis may not really be safe. You know that “lock” icon that is next to a web url with HTTPS after it? It may

AppNexus Releases Next Generation Media Buying Console

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AppNexus, a New York City based display and mobile online advertising trading platform has officially set live the next generation of its UI called AppNexus The Next Generation. The New console has been in development for a while now and has a slew of promising features. The goal of

Bitcoin ATM Will be a Reality in Australia

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The Bitcoin dream is finally making moves to turn into a tangible reality. The very first ATM for Bitcoin may be going live in a matter of days in Australia. What does this mean for Bitcoin? The currency will become more recognized as there will now be a tangible

Livr App: Breathalyzer Drunk Social Network

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Finally a Social Network for drunken people has been created. The Livr App has created a way for inebriated internet users to access a network of drunken fun. The Livr app has many features, some morally questionable, such as geotagging popular bars where there is high user activity, rewarding users

Ban of Google DNS By Turkey: Limiting Social Media Exposure

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Turkey continues to limit social media exposure throughout the country. In latest news, back way entrance to communications platforms such as twitter is now blocked through Google DNS. Youtube could potentially be blocked next for not deleting videos that claim corruption within the government.   The prime minister of

Video Game Marriage Proposal Video

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  Recently, a video game programmer surprised his long time girlfriend with an unexpected in-game quest that led to a proposal. The programmers website tells the tale of how it all began and his inspiration to propose within a computer game.