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GNC: Supplement Industry Macro Environment Analysis

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Macro Analysis of GNC: Political/Legal The supplement industry is mostly unregulated due to the 1984 supplement act. Politicians in Iowa brought forth this act to ensure the supplement industry (a 27 a year billion dollar industry) would not come across any lawsuits or loss of revenues due to increased

GNC Adjusting to the European Market

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What Should GNC do to adjust to the Spanish market? Companies today need to deploy fundamentally different strategies when expanding to Global markets. Customs, laws, and economies of scale are factors that effect the potential longevity of a business that wants to expand to a new location in a

GNC Corportation: General Overview

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GNC Corporation: A General Overview Brief Description of GNC GNC has branded its name in the nutrition and supplement industry as one of the most trusted, recognized and diverse health wellness chains in the United States with over 6,000 domestic stores and additional locations in 69 other countries. The