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Stephen Colbert to Succeed Letterman as Late Show Host

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It’s official. Stephen Colbert is being passed on the tourch to become the replacement host of David Letterman’s “Late Show.” CBS made the official announcement today (April 10th 2014) that the wildly popular comical genius Colbert will assume the role as the host of the Late Show. Letterman will

8 Bit Hobbit: Lord of The Rings Fan Must See Video

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CineFix has has expanded it’s library in the 8-bit cinema series by recreating The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey: The Desolation of Smaug. The video utilizes the Final Fantasy Tactics engine to recreate key scenes from the real movie that was released o December 13, 2013. It has lived up to

Mad Men Season 7 is Coming.. Here’s a Preview

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Mad Men is coming back to AMC with the season finale debut set for April 13, 2014. Season 6 ended with Don potentially blowing a huge deal with Hershey’s that was about to be closed and the firm asked don to take months off from work. Don’s life has