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Advertising and marketing

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You may nicely pay attention to advertising and marketing and its results. Nonetheless, I’ll refresh your reminiscence about why your advertising and marketing firm wants a whole proof plan. This plan particularly focuses on social media advertising and marketing firms in San Francisco. Isn’t it humorous how simply we

Coca Cola Asian Upcycling Digital Ad Campaign

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Coca Cola, Asia – Coca Cola is raising awareness about upcycling it’s plastic bottles through its new Asian digital advertising campaign called “Coca-Cola 2nd Lives” Coke joined Oglivy and Mathther China, an international advertising firm to create sixteen custom utility caps that allows the bottles to be transformed into

The Heartbleed Bug: Your Internet Passwords At Risk

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According to Codenomican an American digital security company based in Saratoga, California, and a few security engineers at Google, the passwords you use on a daily basis may not really be safe. You know that “lock” icon that is next to a web url with HTTPS after it? It may

Google Purchases to combat Digital Fraud

Google has made a point how serious they are against online fraud from robots that crawl the web and rob advertisers of ad dollars by purchasing the London based company (TechCrunch) The company is three years old and has technology that Google can build upon to create a robust

What a dial up Modem Spectrogram Looks Like

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We all remember the good old days of connecting to America Online and hearing that unavoidable digital crunching sound. If this sound does not resonate with you, then you missed out on a great dynasty of the internet. There was no better feeling back in the day then having a successful,

The Importance of Computer Code in Our Lives

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Computer Code is our DNA Code is embedded into our lives whether we realize it or not. It is the universal language between humans and computers that has come a long way since the prehistoric days of coding, even before binary code (1’s and 0’s). This PBS clip explains