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6 Content Recommendation Networks

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What is Content Recommendation? Content recommendation which falls under the discipline of digital advertising known as native advertising, is a hot sector of the digital advertising ecosystem right now. As a publisher or digital media entrepreneur it is important to understand who the major players are in content recommendation. Here

The Mini Ecosystem of a Programmatic Ad Network

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How A Programmatic Ad Network Works: Analysis You may have once asked the question to yourself – how is a programmatic ad network structured The goal of programmatic advertising is to serve a creative to the right user on the right device at the right place at the right time while continually

What a Publisher Development Manager Does

What is it like being a Publisher Development Account Manager? A digital publisher development manager is a position that is in high demand for prospects new to the industry as well as experienced online advertising professionals. The driving force for the growth and need for this role in many digital media

Most Desired Industries for Young People to Work in: Digital Advertising

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Want to Make it Big in Advertising? Digital Advertising has become one of the most desired industries for Generation Y to start their careers in. The Industry is young, growing at an exponential rate and is highly lucrative if you work your way up from the bottom. The goal

AppNexus Releases Next Generation Media Buying Console

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AppNexus, a New York City based display and mobile online advertising trading platform has officially set live the next generation of its UI called AppNexus The Next Generation. The New console has been in development for a while now and has a slew of promising features. The goal of

Google Purchases to combat Digital Fraud

Google has made a point how serious they are against online fraud from robots that crawl the web and rob advertisers of ad dollars by purchasing the London based company (TechCrunch) The company is three years old and has technology that Google can build upon to create a robust

Evolution of Online Display Advertising

The Evolution of Online Display Advertising is too complicated to put into words. When i decide to take a look into the annals of digital marketing history, I find myself watching videos that show how different aspects of the industry have co-evolved and connected over time. The Interactive Advertising Bureau

Great Websites for Digital Media News

Top websites for digital media news, views and concepts The digital ad space is very intricate and interlinked. Take one look at the Lumascape and you can imagine why: If an industry professional tells you that they understand exactly how the LumaScape works, they are either a genius or lying and