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How to Get and Keep Customers for Your SaaS Marketing

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aking your software product from concept to reality is a real thrill. But once it comes to the crunch, you need to know how to get customers using SaaS marketing. As a SaaS owner, getting and keeping customers is crucial to the success of your business. This means not

3 Benefits to Focusing on Digital Advertisements

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If you’re in an industry that has not bothered with any advertisement, or has focused more on traditional types of advertisement such as television and pamphlets, you might be surprised by how great value digital advertisements can be. There are a few advantages to moving your advertising predominantly or

How to Keep Up With Pressure in the Digital Advertising Industry

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There are a few industries in the world that have a reputation for pushing their workers to the extreme. The digital advertising industry is included in that group for many reasons, but often it is because of the tight deadlines and high pressure environment. If you’re feeling the effects

Snapchat Launches Instant Create for Advertisers

Snapchat wranging in those digital ad dollars. Snapchat, the multimessaging app founded by three former Stanford studentds Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011 announced the release of their Instant Create tools for advertisers on their blog. Snapchat has 203 million daily active users, creating over 3.5

20 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

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With 2019 being in full swing, marketers around the world will apply their brains, experience, new ideas and technology to create powerful full funnel marketing solutions. Clickconsult,A UK based digital consultancy focused on Maximizing Global Visibility of Brands and SMEs Online, created a solid infograhic titled 20 Ways to

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up

The Advertising Industry is Cleaning Up Advertisers, consumers, and publishers are at a loss when it comes to advertising. Consumers are often exposed to ads that are irrelevant and they have to worry about data harvesters profiting off of their personal information, publishers use bot farms to boost their

Blockchain in Digital Advertising: An Overview

Blockchain in digital advertising is a hot subject. The global ad industry will hit $563.4 billion in 2017 as digital drives growth, and TV spends being overtaken by digital in 2018. With the increasing spend comes new advertising platforms and trading platforms that focus on offering ad operations optimisation

115 Facts You Never Knew About Social Media

Source: It would be hard to find something that has become as common in day to day lives at the rapid rate that social media has. Social media has crept up so fast that we are still unsure of its long term repercussions on society. Facebook has over