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7 Tips to Consider When Choosing a DSP

Seven Points To Consider When Launching Your Programmatic Buying Practice And Choosing Demand Side Platform Partners What do we look for when choosing a DSP? Programmatic ad buying represents 78% of $31.87B display advertising ecosystem according to eMarketer. The ecosystem is sophisticated, which is great because that means there

What is a Demand Side Platform? (DSP)

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Demand Side Platforms: What you need to know. What is a Demand Side Platform? A demand side platform, or more simply known as a DSP is a platform that enables buyers of online advertising inventory to purchase across multiple exchanges from one UI. DSP’s are the third major bucket in the

What is Real Time Bidding? (RTB)

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Learn Digital advertising: What is Real Time Bidding? If you breathe and live in the Online Advertising space, you most definitively have heard the term Real Time Bidding or more commonly known as RTB. This is a relatively new technology to even people who consider themselves to be veterans of