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What is Header Bidding?

Please see our updated post: Header Bidding Guide for Dummies What is Header Bidding? Header Bidding, sometimes known as an ad server integration allows a demand partner to hold an auction outside of the publisher ad server and pass a CPM bid in real time by placing a code in

Online Marketing Basic A-Z Terms

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The ever expanding universe of digital marketing is diverse and most of the time quite unpredictable. It is always important to go back to the building blocks. This infographic gives you a refresher course on the key definitions of digital marketing. Recommended: The 50+ Best Social Media Marketing Tools in 2015 Search

Basic Internet Advertising Definitions

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What is Internet Advertising? Internet advertising is simply the buying of  ad space on the internet. The profound changes that the internet had on humanity since it’s birth has fundamentally changed the way marketers see consumers and created a new discipline of marketing and advertising. Why do companies use the internet