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How Publishers Can Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve

How Publishers Stay Ahead of the Ad Tech Curve? Today’s Guest Post is by Automatad Are you a publisher that is staying ahead of the ad tech curve? Ad tech is one of the complex and ever-evolving industries. With myriads of intermediaries, fraudsters, and technically overloaded ecosystem, we can say

Blockchain Facilitates Higher Quality Data for Advertisers

As advertising and marketing becomes increasingly targeted, companies are beginning to focus more on data quality. This is to not only ensure that impressions are real and not made by bots, but that information collected about users is accurate. A writer for The Atlantic explored the quality of online

3 Digital Advertising Trends to Jump On

John Lincoln from Ignite Visibility created a short and effective informational video explaining three digital advertising trends you should jump on before you miss the boat. Video Summary Video Ads Video is the fastest growing medium online for people to consume content. People are looking for video because they simply

How internet advertisers are reading your mind!

Author: | Categories: Definitions No comments Digital Advertising: Tracking the Trackers The Economist published an insightful video answering the question: how do internet advertisers read our minds? If you think about it, we are online  all the time. Every time we click, thousands of third party companies have the opportunity to harvest and make insights about

Data Driven Sport of Tennis

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Tennis Meets Data Analytics The US Open this year is receiving a technological upgrade to make the event a data driven tennis event. A data and analytic control room in a secret location in Arthur Ashe Stadium in NY is a data center called the “Scoring Operations room.” Officials