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15 Real Life Advertising Fails You Can’t Ignore

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Ever look at an advertisement and think wow this is a real life advertising fail? Throughout history, the person who is in charge of buying the actual ad placements has had countless opportunities to pick the perfect spot and convey the message of their brand. While many placements are bought in prime

Yieldmo on the cutting edge of Mobile Creative

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Bad mobile creatives plague the ecosystem. Publishers today are often confused and misled on what kind of ad units and networks to work with on their mobile devices. For a long time a banner with a tiny “x” out button with a variety of designs was the bread and

Tom Brady DailyMVP Advertisement

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Tom Brady Quarterbacks for DailyMVP Fantasy sports are being taken to the next level with Tom Brady and the new app DailyMVP, that makes it easy to play your friends in fantasy sports for money and glory. Not a bad Gig for Tom at this point in his life. Download DailyMVP

Popular Banner Ad Sizes (Display and Mobile)

The Most Popular Banner Ad Sizes Banners – The Lifeblood of the Internet As you surf websites on the ever expanding billions of pages of the internet, you are sure to come across a display banner advertisement. Digital display advertisements come in many shapes, sizes with varying functionality. The following

The Programmatic Creative: Solving the Achilles Heel of AdTech

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What is Programmatic Advertising and a Programmatic Creative? Programmatic advertising or more commonly known as Real Time Bidding  is the result of how digital advertising has evolved from it’s primordial days of buying blind inventory on one website and not having clear performance metrics, to an optimized and highly

What an Advertisement for NYC would look like

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“Times Square, New York City” “In New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you cant do” (Empire State of Mind by Jay-Z/ Alicia Keys) Taking A Bite of the Big Apple Welcome to the Big Apple: the city that never sleeps–the melting pot of the

What a dial up Modem Spectrogram Looks Like

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We all remember the good old days of connecting to America Online and hearing that unavoidable digital crunching sound. If this sound does not resonate with you, then you missed out on a great dynasty of the internet. There was no better feeling back in the day then having a successful,

Guinness: Breaking the Boundaries

Author: | Categories: Uncategorized No comments Guinness has made a footprint on the advertising industry with their latest commercial that shows the world what is it to be a true gentleman. This is the kind of advertising that hits people at their core and delivers a powerful message about how Guinness has evolved as