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Digital Advertising Formulas Cheat Sheet

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Make digital advertising simple with this easy to use cheat sheet! There are many formulas in digital advertising that you should remember to be a successful internet entrepreneur. Here is a handy digital advertising formulas cheat sheet for the basic calculations you will use every day. Share it, print it, tape

Top Reasons Publishers Leave an Ad Network

Not all Ad Networks are created equal.. Behind digital ad network’s flashy website, promises of high CPMs, diverse programmatic advertiser demand, low payment threshold, 24/7 support and a slew of product offerings could lie a network that over-promises and under delivers. With so many different companies a publisher can choose to

Digital Advertising Basics: What is CPM, eCPM and rCPM?

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Learning about Digital Advertising: Think Small.. The digital advertising landscape is an ever changing ecosystem with thousands of interconnected elements, buzzwords, technologies and people who make it all work each and every day. If you are new or a veteran of the industry, it is always important to brush

The Mini Ecosystem of a Programmatic Ad Network

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How A Programmatic Ad Network Works: Analysis You may have once asked the question to yourself – how is a programmatic ad network structured The goal of programmatic advertising is to serve a creative to the right user on the right device at the right place at the right time while continually

Tips for Digital Account Managers

Programmatic account managers often at times have as many as 100 accounts with multiple points of contact, ad inventory deals and wide range client expectations and personalities to manage. It can be daunting for one person to manage the day to day tasks of running a programmatic publisher portfolio

Tips to Maximize Revenue from your Ad Network

How to extract Maximum Value from an Ad Network Working  and communicating with an ad network effectively can produce valuable revenue and help you grow and expand your business beyond your wildest dreams. programmatic ad networks have a large amount of resources and demand partners that can be turned on

Resolving Impression Discrepancy with an Ad Network

All about Impression Discrepancies If you sell your programmatic ad inventory to an ad network, it’s very common for a very unpleasant phenomenon to occur called an impression discrepancy. In the digital advertising ecosystem, impression discrepancies are very common and unavoidable but there are ways to help reduce the impression discrepancy or work

Programmatic Ad Inventory: Impression Waterfall and the CPM Floor Model

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Selling Digital Ad Space in the CPM Floor model: Publishers who work with multiple ad networks often have a solid idea of what their inventory is worth. Knowledge empowers publishers to extract the maximum value out of their ad space in this “programmatic bull market” we are seeing in 2014.